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Patapet Self Cleaning Slicker Brushes & Pet Grooming Gloves

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Now, are you experiencing these troubles?

Your pet's hair is falling off too much. And the dog's hair is flying everywhere. Pet hair often knotted,It's difficult to handle. The coat not only affects the beauty of the dog, but also forms hairy bulbs in the gastrointestinal tract after being eaten by the dog, affecting the dog's digestion. In addition, depilated coats are often attached to various objects and people in the room, causing family dissatisfaction and unhappiness with dogs. Therefore, dogs should be groomed frequently.

End Rounded Massaging Particles Bristles

60° Bent Bristles to Brush Deeply, Won't Scratch Your Pet

Other slicker brushes have sharp wire bristles that scratch skin, making brushing an unpleasant and painful experience for your furry friend. Made with fine bent wire bristles, each capped with a rubber tip, our slicker brush can go deep reach the roots of the hair clean removes dander and loose hair from your pal’s fur without scratching their skin, so every bristle feels like a mini massage! When you’re done, press the button and watch the hair fall right off the brush!

  • Effectively Removes & Grooms
  • Loose Undercoat
  • Hard Mats
  • Tangled Hair
  • Residual Dirt

★Slicker Pet Brushes for Shedding:Made of dense and fine curved steel pins,great works on remove dead,shedding fur and trapped dirt from undercoat;helps to loosen tangles and knots hair and massage;maintains your dogs or cats coat healthy and smooth.

★Easy To Clean:Our dog hair remover brush with the one click self-cleaning button is very simple to operate:press the button after combing that can retract the bristles,then you can release all the shedding hair.

★Dog Cat Grooming Glove:Adjustable Velcro right glove is made of high quality rubber and breathable material,not only massage,remove dead and loose hair,promote blood circulation,but also protect your hand and not easy to fall off.

★Suitable for Dogs and Cats:Fine and flexible Steel bristles is safe for the skin,and the hair remover brush with soft silicone particles makes your pet more comfortable.Can be use for short,medium and long hair of pets,also suitable for fine,curly and thick fur.

★Note:The package included:1*pet brush+1*pet glove.Please keep away from high temperature,children and pets.Avoid inappropriate use and check your pet for wounds before use.