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MiniVac -HandHeld Vacuum Cleaner

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Keep your car interior in top condition!

Wipe dust and grime off car seats, walls and floors with the MiniVac. Our premium MiniVac has a powerful motor that sucks up dirt with ease.
MiniVac features a compact handheld design that can be easily operated in your vehicle. Plus, the MiniVac effortlessly sucks dirt out of every nook and cranny.

main advantage
HIGH POWER - The MiniVac instantly sucks away dust and dirt, leaving you with a clean interior. This way, your vehicle can stay fresh and beautiful.

Cordless Design - No more worrying about annoying wires when cleaning your vehicle. MiniVac is easier to operate due to its lightweight and compact design.

Washable Filter - Easy to clean every time you use the MiniVac. Its washable filter is more economical than a typical vacuum cleaner because you don't have to keep changing the filter after every cleaning.

Rechargeable Design - When fully charged, the MiniVac can clean your entire vehicle. Once the battery is low, just recharge it.