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Height Increased Insoles

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*Invisibly your fitness activities: Wear them in socks and then more than usual. The height of the shoe will increase by 5.0 cm. Does not slide.     : Details please: Made with soft photos, use underside to reduce heel pain, use heel pain, heel pain, hamstring, foot pain, heel bone tingling, childbirth, facial treatment or ankle pain wrist joint Injured feet, sight, or while running


*The shoe of your sole is scientifically designed with the heel of the shoe shape, which is very suitable for the heel mark, and determines the protection of the heel. Great shoe for relieving foot bone spurs, foot bones .

Have them make a size 6-8 upper sole booster. Want to hide your suction because of the flexible look. With our Neoprene closures for comfort, wet drains and feet, you'll be showing off your pedicure as quickly as possible while hiking, biking, and running!

*Khan Gaoli looks 5cm taller than it looks. Improved image, virtually your self-confidence. Feel, you'll be happier than usual.

1. Take off your shoes, for fear of taking off your shoes to avoid embarrassment.

2. Special foreign texture bionic design, followed by close.

3. The protection of invisibility is higher, no beauty, and privacy.

4. Fitted and fixed on the sole of the foot without protruding.


* Height: 5cm
* color: White

Package Included:
* 1 x underwear insole

* The display and color display effect, the actual condition of the product may be different from the picture.

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