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Butterflies in your hair! Cute butterfly hair clip😍

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😍This cute butterfly hair clip GIVES you butterflies! ðŸ˜

✅ Never doubt anymore about your hairstyle

Whether you wear straight hair, curly hair or any other style, with this you'll never doubt anymore what to do with your hair.

✅ Flapping wings for more cuteness

The butterfly wings flaps as you move, adding more cuteness to your look. Just like a real butterfly is resting on your hair. 

✅ Irresistible for every occasion

With its lively movements, this wonderful butterfly clip promises to romp up any festivity you take part in.

✅ Easy to use

The duckbill clip is simple to use.

✅ Two cute color options you’ll definitely love

This butterfly hair clip is available in gold and silver to match any outfit you have.

✅ Unique gift

Did you know that this also makes a perfect gift for any occasion?

Care Tips

  • Avoid submerging in water to keep out rust. 
  • Store away from direct sunlight.
  • Keep the clip away from harsh chemicals and robust cleaning agents.